'Waiting in the Hallway'

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'Waiting in the Hallway'

The installation consists of sixteen 'Wall Seats,' which vary in width and are spaced at increasing intervals. Each 'Wall Seat' is formed out of one solid piece of metal which balances on a narrow point and gains stability by leaning against a wall.

The seat’s curve, heavily weighted steel, and slender silhouette create an attention-grabbing object, one that forces the viewer to question the seat’s functionality given its minimalistic form. The 'Wall Seats' may appear to be dangerous, when in truth; the precisely calculated balance ensures that one can safely sit. And wait.

Time seems to pass more slowly when one is waiting. The 'Wall Seats' themselves increase in width as they move up the wall, going from narrow to wide. Similarly, they are spaced further and further apart. As a result of this, the installation seems much longer than it actually is when viewed from certain angles. In this way, the 'Wall Seats' visualize the sensation of “waiting time” being longer than real-time.

Studio Stallinga revealed the installation ‘Waiting in the Hallway’ in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam (Music Theatre in Amsterdam).