ligtsculpture Constellation @ Terrace Tower Amsterdam

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ligtsculpture Constellation @ Terrace Tower Amsterdam

Constellation at Terrace Tower, Amsterdam
In 2022 Stallinga finished the extensive art installation ‘Constellation’ in the recently completed building Terrace Tower by architect Bjarke Ingels on the Zuidas in Amsterdam.

About Constellation
When inside the building, Terrace Tower, and literally surrounded by the circles of light, it is hard to decipher what is real and what is reflection – the ‘universe’ is extended infinitely outside the building.
'Constellation' consists of circles of special tubes filled with warm LED light. The constellation is made up of several linear fragments and hoop-like shapes of light which vary in diameter. The circles are arranged in juxtaposing positions, some vertical, and some horizontal. When viewed from different angles in the space, the installation generates distortions, reversals and various light drawings. It sometimes divides or cuts through the space itself and, in doing so, the installation draws attention to acts of composing, constructing, and framing.

In 2014 Stallinga installed steel light sculptures throughout the Beurs van Berlage by architect PH Berlage. In 2020 a light artwork meandering through all floors in Byzantium, the first residential building by Rem Koolhaas, was completed.

Constellation is the third comprehensive artwork by Stallinga in an iconic building in Amsterdam, Terrace Towers by Bjarke Ingels. A century of three generations of architects that contributed to the city of Amsterdam, are now connected in the present through these immersive light installations.