Summershow Gerhard Hofland Gallery - exhibition views

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Summershow Gerhard Hofland Gallery - exhibition views

exhibition views of summer exhibition at Gerhard Hofland Gallery Amsterdam with new a works by Nik Christensen, Michael Kirkham, Jochen Mühlenbrink and Henk Stallinga.

Constellation of lights by Henk Stallinga
The installation consists of special tubes, filled with warm light. Circle-like shapes of light, loops or spheres, are juxtaposed. Viewed from different angels in the space, the installation generates distinctive perspectives, distortions, reversals and light drawings floating in the air.

Other circles lean against the wall and are juxtaposed to light lines that are bowed into slender curves and arches between ceiling and floor. This straight light- line is bent under great force between ceiling and floor. The result is a curve that seems to be a segment of the floating spheres of light in the installation.

The site specific installation draws attention to acts of composing, constructing, and framing.