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‘Lumens’ is a light installation consisting of multiple light mobiles. Each mobile—or “Lumen Balance”—consists of 3 light tubes with 15 cm cables between them. The kinetic sculptures play with principles of equilibrium as they gracefully float in space. The thin, slightly curved tubes of light seem to trace invisible lines as they move gently through the air. This subtle movement produces free form drawings of light.

The lights themselves display the entire spectrum of daylight. The installation is programmed to change in intensity and hue in order to encompass the hourly and seasonal qualities of natural light. ‘Lumens’ brings awareness to the impact light has on our bodily environment, as well as our perception of time. The artwork presents light as an energy that moves, one that has the ability to visually and physically affect us.

Edition: 75 Lumen Balance.
Light tube dimensions : Ø 2,5 cm, 210 cm. Cord length is adjustable.
Material: custom LED lights, polycarbonate diffusers, wires, dmx driver.
Support provided by eldoLED.