'Lounge Chair' at Museum Sculptures at Sea, The Hague

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'Lounge Chair' at Museum Sculptures at Sea, The Hague

'Lounge Chairs'
This installation was on show at Museum Sculptures at Sea in The Hague from January 21st till March 16th, 2014.

'Lounge Chairs' is made of untreated, weathered steel. This type of steel corrodes quickly and heavily, a process that is hastened by its seaside location. Here the sun, salt, and sea accelerate the deterioration that results in this velvety red-brown rust. The “Lounge Chair” is reduced to the essential. Viewed in profile, the backrest and the seat form a single dynamic line, a line that mirrors the curves of ocean waves and sandy dunes.

The 'Lounge Chairs' are not necessarily intended to be used. Rather, the idea behind this seating sculpture is an ironic subversion of the promotionally effective promises of the feel-good industry. After all, when every canteen is declared a lounge, any old chair is called a lounge chair and any backroom is referred to as a wellness haven, the real value of relaxation is lost.

Photography: Michael van Oosten