Light Sculpture 'Chain Reaction'

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Light Sculpture 'Chain Reaction'

Chain Reaction

This monumental light sculpture is a composition of 144 circle lights. The intensity of the individual lights gradually varies from a subtle glow to an intense bright light. During the course of one natural day, this circle of light ‘moves’ up the chain, providing the visitor with a sense of time.

The sculpture is positioned in a slope of 23,4 degrees, the same angle as the earth revolves relative to the sun. In geography, this angle constitutes our seasons. During the course of one year, the entire sculpture rotates slowly. Hence, giving us a sense of seasons, as it will be gradually tilting in different directions in Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter.

One can only 'sense' time and seasons in due time: by frequently visiting the sculpture throughout the year. As time is relative, Chain Reaction interacts with its surroundings, giving you a notion of the time only relative to its environment.

The ring shaped lamps that are inextricably linked, act as a symbol of eternity. Intertwined in a continuous chain they amplify the sense of infinity that time evokes.

Chain Reaction is part of a solo exhibition of diverse sculptures and installations by Stallinga that will be held in Japan. Prior to this exhibition the works will be on display at various locations. I.e. earlier realized installations were released at the Music Hall in Amsterdam, Museum Sculptures at Sea in The Hague and Nieuw Dakota Contemporary Art Centre Amsterdam.

Photography by Michael van Oosten