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Fanscreen: abstract film sequences and airmovement
Manifold panels made out of computer fans, are linked together to form a large ‘screen’. This screen is placed in a circle that one can enter.
Each fan is controlled individually acting as pixels. Together the programmed moving fans make up a ‘film’ of various abstract movements.

If one enters the circle, one experiences this abstract movie both visually and physically because of the air breezes coming from the ‘film’.
Some programs are based on an algorithm which creates an infinite variety of patterns on the screen; not one pattern is the same. Other programs/films display patterns created by Stallinga.

The fan screens work both as stand alone as well as a large ‘film screen’ when linked together.

2016-2018 the studio team worked over ten years to realize and amplify this installation to its current configuration. the entire installation was on view for the first time at Gerhard Hofland Gallery Amsterdam at the solo exhibition 'animated' in September 2018