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Light sculpture 'Chain Reaction' in contemporary dance production 'Extremalism'

Light sculpture 'Chain Reaction' is featured in the international dance production ‘Extremalism’ by Ballet National de Marseille and ICKamsterdam.

The notion and experience of time through the spatiality, light, and movement of the 'Chain Reaction' can be experienced in various executions. Depending on its location and duration of its exposure, the experience can be made specific.
'Chain Reaction' served as the basis for Emio Greco and P.C. Scholten’s contemporary dance piece titled “Extremalism.” The time-based nature of the sculpture was edited to fit the duration of the performance. The light and movement of the sculpture merged with choreography and music. This unique and special “performance” of the light sculpture was realized through a close collaboration of Henk Stallinga with the choreographers.

Photography: JC Vershere and Alwin Poiana